TRENTON, N.J. - Lawmakers are scheduled to vote on a litany of legislation in a very active voting session in Trenton on Monday.

The New Jersey State Senate and Assembly will meet determine what bills get pushed forward to Gov. Phil Murphy for his signature of approval, or veto.

The major bills on the docket are the following:

Removing Religious Exemption For Vaccination

The controversial vaccination bill, if passed, removes religious exemptions for mandated vaccination for school children. The Senate narrowly approved the amendments in an emergency vote in Trenton on Thursday.

Religious leaders, community members, politicians and others have protested in opposition of the bill, citing that it infringes on personal freedoms.

Flavored Vapes Ban

A few Bills will target flavored vapes and the selling of nicotine in the state of New Jersey.

Banning flavored vaping products and liquids could put many of the state's vape shops in economic jeopardy and cost hundreds of jobs.

Funding For Religious Institutions' Security

Lawmakers will vote on whether grant $1 million more annually to help provide beefed up security for religious institutions.

This comes following a rise in reported hate crimes throughout the state in recent months.

'Code Blue'

The current Code Blue law could be expanded and have shelters immediately open once the temperature drops to 32 degrees.