NEWARK, N.J. - Delays and cancellations are the common denominators most travelers are experiencing Monday at Newark Liberty International Airport.

“We just took the bus and we just found out that our flights been delayed for like 40 minutes,” said Newark Liberty International Airport traveler Omashry Podart.

Jerry and Danny Peterson thought they’d be enjoying the first day of their vacation in Panama.

“We’re trying to get to Fort Lauderdale, and then move on to Panama," explained Jerry. "We have a connecting flight but it’s delayed, so we’re going to miss the connecting flight."

Now, they’re spending Monday figuring out new flights, hoping to reach their destination by Thursday.

Airport employees are asking others to adopt the same attitude.

“I already walked throughout the second floor," said aircraft maintenance employee Janette. "I already see people in line. They’re grouchy."

She offered this advice to travelers.

"Calm down. Don’t yell," Janette said.

The latest information provided by the Air Traffic Control System Command Center indicates an average departure delay of 43 minutes in Newark.

Arrival delays for airborne aircraft are at an average of 46 minutes.

And inbound flights delayed at their origin can expect delays of about three hours and 26 minutes due to snow and ice.

For folks traveling from John F. Kennedy International Airport, you can expect an average of 30-minute delays for departures and 45 minutes for arrivals.

Again, for up to date information on delays and cancellations, airport officials urge you to contact your airline directly.

And in the meantime, one traveler has this bit of advice.

“Chillax, like we say in the Bronx, 'Chillax baby.' That’s how we roll," Ruth Rivera said.