NORTH BERGEN, N.J. - Walmart employees at the North Bergen location are hard at work, preparing for the Black Friday rush.

“I’m definitely not coming to a store on Black Friday, because I’m just not crazy," Walmart shopper Melissa Wise said.

Walmart spokesperson Charles Crowson says electronics are the big talk this holiday season.

“We have 40-inch televisions that are going to be just under $100, a 50-inch just under $140 and this 65-inch television is going to be $278," Crowson said.

Apple airpods and various tablets will also be heavily discounted.

If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, you can do your online shopping on starting 10 p.m. Wednesday. That’s when the deals are going to go live.

And if you want to come in-person, you can come to the store starting at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

If you plan on venturing into the store, Walmart recommends downloading the Walmart app on your smartphone and using the gift finder service.

“If you map out your store using your location services on your smartphone, you can go in, type in your product, what exactly it is your looking for, and it’ll show you the aisle and location, so you can run in, grab it and go," Crowson said.

Once you have your items, there’s a new service to ease your shopping experience.

"The other big thing is 'Check Out With Me,'" Crowson explained.

"This is a great new service, where instead of going to the long lines, you are now able to go to an associate who has the device and they can check you out right there."

Even though Walmart is taking steps to help ease the shopping rush, some folks say they’re sticking to online deals.

“I know a lot of people get off on that rush and getting the great deals but not me, I’m just not a crowds person," Wise said.

Speaking of crowds, Walmart does have a message for shoppers.

“Just be respectful of your neighbor; be respectful of your fellow man, because there’s enough product to go around," Crowson said.

As for food shopping, if you’re a fan of Walmart’s online grocery pickup, be aware that this service will not be offered on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday.